About The Sewing Bee Honey Farm

Back in 2008 I taught myself to sew by making my first quilt. I was hooked from the very first stitch. From there I started making bags and totes and other useful items and have even ventured into the world of children’s clothing. I love making unique items for my home that can be used and loved. 
     In the Spring of 2017, I set up my first bee hives and have marveled at pretty much everything these amazing, vital creatures do. They have already taught me so much; the most important lesson being I have so much more to learn! You can join me on my beekeeping journey by following along on my Buzz from the Beeyard blog. There, I will post monthly updates on what is happening with my hives.
     I am so glad you have come to my farm, I hope you enjoy the time you spend browsing through all the one of a kind, hand made items to be found here. When available, I will also be offering honey, pure and unfiltered, straight from my “girls.”